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Bringing the Small Farmer into the Digital Age

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FinFarm™ Mission

Our mission is to provide the farmers with the necessary products to increase their yield  and also their healthcare, their access to information and education, and low-cost insurance products to help assure the security of their futures.

Small Holders Are Highly Productive

  • In Brazil, family farmers provide 40% of the production of a selection of major crops working on less than 25% of the land.
  • In the US, family farmers produce 80% of all produce totaling $230 billion in sales, working on 78% of all farmland.
  • Family farmers in Fiji provide 84% of produce working on only 47% of the land.

Market Challenges

  • The vast majority of these farmers have no access to capital
  • Current financial products are mostly centered around urban clientele.
  • One size does not fit all for small farm holders (disbursement, payment terms, etc).
  • Accurate cash flow analysis of the farm is critical for defining payment terms.
  • Credit rating based purely on past loan
    history is unavailable.
  • Close, field based farm monitoring is
    required for successful outcomes.

Currently technology adoption is minimal.

Our Solution:

  • Funding micro loans for farmers for improved
    technology and more robust yield of harvest
  • A mobile app that supports and monitors the
    • Automated data capture of historical trading, trends, weather, and satellite imagery
    • Uses advanced machine learning and AI techniques
    • Real-time crop predictability
  • Starts a track record for credit score and
    behavior to provide ongoing credit predictability
  • Automated cash flow analysis to determine
    payment terms for best outcomes
  • Recommendation for the appropriate
    personalized loan product

All micro-loans are securitized by deed on land and/or percentage of crop yield.


Portal for Farmers

  • Easy onboarding through mobile with very little input through prepopulated data
  • Actionable info for better production – seeds, fertilizer, watering etc.
  • Features to promote communal uplift through sharing of best practices and promotion
  • Alerts for any upcoming events – weather emergencies etc.
  • Dashboard to monitor health of their business and access to financial services
  • Universal iconographic interface makes the internet accessible even to illiterate farmers, and requires only one version to work for all language regions

Portal for Service Providers

The existing de-aggregation of service providers and NGOs leave them with little reliable and real-time data to support their efforts in remote regions.
We solve this by providing the following:

  • Macro regional view of penetration and suitability of product
  • Easily definable micro-segmentation of the subscriber base and tools to reach them
  • Automated loan origination, processing, recommendation and fulfillment
  • Real-time monitoring of the insured farms for anomalies post insuring
  • Alerts for customizable trigger events – delays in planting, harvesting, etc
  • Dashboard to monitor health of their insured’s business and intervention recommendations

Monitored performance assures predictability.